Game Bird/ Poultry Brooder

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Game Bird/ Poultry Brooder

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Product Information
GQF box brooders are designed to eliminate stress in young birds by providing plenty of heat, fresh air, light, feed and water space, and sanitary conditions for a confined area. The clear plastic front panel allows full and easy viewing of the brooder’s interior. Each brooder comes with three 28.5" troughs which maybe used for either feed or water. Ample feed and water space is necessary to allow weaker chicks access in the presence of more dominate chicks. Any trough may be equipped with optional automatic watering to provide the large quantity of water necessary. Failure to provide proper feed and water space can result in slower weight gain and perhaps higher chick mortality. The troughs are mounted on the outside of the brooder so that the chicks do not squirt droppings into the food or water. The 250-watt heater provides sufficient heat while the vented plastic side panels keep out drafts. As chicks are drawn to light rather than heat, each heater has a socket for a low wattage attraction light bulb, which helps to hold the chicks in the heated area. Each brooder comes with a thermometer and a wafer thermostat, which is accurate to 1 degree. The floor is a thin wire ½” mesh which will allow droppings to easily pass through. This was chosen over thicker wire or wire with smaller squares, as droppings would quickly build up and mat the floor. For small chicks like quail this floor requires that a layer of No 1628 DACB paper or paper towels be laid down on the wire for the first 4 to 7 days after which quail may stand on the ½” wire floor. Day old poultry and ducks can be placed directly on the wire. The well-built wire floor does not sag under the weight of many chicks. Drop pans are made of lightweight aluminum for long life. Drop pans can be easily pulled out even when brooders are stacked and the wire floor is heavy with birds. This box brooder is universal as each side panel comes with adjustable gate to regulate openings for chick type and age to allow them access to feed and water. Small chicks such as quail will require the 5003 feeder and the 4458 drinker for the first three weeks. Day old poultry and ducks can feed directly from the troughs which are designed so that all the feed maybe eaten. The brooder has incorporated in it strong but lightweight plastic and aluminum parts for low maintenance and cheaper shipping costs. All three side panels and back door are easily removed for cleaning while the brooder is assembled. The optional brooder base, which is included with the battery system, is very sturdy and has quality ball bearing, swivel, metal castors. This base permits the fully loaded stack of brooders (which can weigh over 500 lbs) to be rolled over even flooring. Up to five brooders maybe stacked on a base and the top brooder will be fully accessible to the average person without the aid of a stepladder.

                                      Feed space    Water space
Quail up to 4 weeks          .5”/bird         .25”/bird
Chicken up to 2 weeks     .5”/bird          .25”/bird

Approx. capacity to 4th week - 100 quail - 50 Chukar or Pheasants. Shipped in 2 cartons. (Needs #5001 Feeder & Waterer for game birds) FOR ADDITIONAL CLEAR DOORS, PLEASE SEE ITEM NO. 0545.

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